3 Non Food Related Tips for Weight Loss

"What are best tips for weight loss?"

I had a friend ask me the other day what the best way to lose weight was. She asked me about cardio vs. weight training, hitting plateaus, stress levels and everything in between. The thing about weight loss is that it isn’t as simple as calories in vs calories out. Obviously it has a factor but there are so many other variables to consider.

Sometimes without meeting with a person and having a conversation, it’s hard to determine what the best solution is for them. I need to know everything before making a recommendation. What are you trying currently? What are you eating habits or patterns? What’s your relationship to food and your body? Are you experiencing high levels of stress? Are you getting less than 6 hours of sleep per night? I ask all these questions.

We all know the basics to weight loss: eat healthy and exercise, but sometimes it’s not that simple. Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper.

Three non food related tips to consider when addressing weight:

1. Emotions. What’s your emotional connection to food? Do you eat to attain a certain feeling? Does it make you feel happy? Does it trigger feelings of reward? Start to pay attention to your patterns. For me, I noticed my sugar cravings were linked to feelings of reward that steamed from getting treats when I was a kid. Recognizing and addressing these patterns is key. Try writing out a food journal and writing out your feelings around meal times. Record things like how hungry you were and what your emotions where before and after eating.

2. Hormones. Is your weight gain hormone related? We have over 52 different hormones in our bodies. I’ve written a few articles on how certain hormones like insulin, cortisol, leptin and ghrelin can all affect our weight. I highly recommend working with a holistic practitioner who can order tests to look at things like adrenal and thyroid health, as well as any nutritional deficiencies.

3. Gut health. Our microbiome has more of an affect on weight loss than we think. Having a healthy gut helps to breakdown our food to better absorb essential nutrients that help to balance hormones and increase energy. The good bugs help to increase elimination and neutralize toxins. Issues such as leaky gut can lead to inflammation, creating excess stress on the body. Look at including probiotic rich foods like organic yogurts, kefir, sauerkraut and kimchi. Consider supplementing with a good quality probiotic. Eat whole, natural foods that support healthy flora.

Sometimes it’s a simple solution, sometimes it takes a bit of extra work. Weight loss comes down to a true balance of eating properly, exercise, sleep, stress management and uncovering underlying issues. Take the time, put in the work and you won’t ever need to diet again.

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