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Dishing It Up with Co-Founder, Yoga Teacher and Holistic Nutritionist of Well Daily Brianna Persall

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

I had the privilege of meeting this gorgeous gal a couple months ago at an event in Vancouver. She is the creator and co-founder of Wellspace Co. which is a platform and community for like minded individuals and wellness experts to share knowledge and their passion for health. Read on to find out what a typical day in the life looks like for her!

Share a little bit with us. Who are you and what do you do? How did you get into the health and wellness community?

Hi! I’m Brianna and I’m the co-founder of @wellsdaily, along with being a holistic nutritionist, and yoga instructor. I was born and raised in a small town in Ontario, but my longing for adventure soon had me living many other places such as Spain and Miami, and now I am proud to call Vancouver my home. I originally got a degree in Design and Communications, and worked in that for many years, but did not find it truly fulfilling, or that I was making the kind of difference in the world that I wanted to be my life’s work.

I got into the health and wellness industry after being faced with my own health issues, and I wanted to be able to be able to know the “truth” about it all. I found myself constantly googling things, and so much of the information was conflicting, so I wanted to be able to learn it all for myself, and then eventually share it.

What inspires you?

What really inspires me is helping others out on their health journey. Helping the “me” a few years back when I was lost and desperate and searching for answers in health and wellness.

What is your food philosophy?

My food philosophy is “do it for you, and keep it simple.” What I mean by this is, you don’t have to get caught up in labelling yourself into strictly following one diet, its okay to be flexible! Do what is best for you at that time, and if that means eating one of your grandmother’s homemade meals, (even though it wouldn’t typically fit into your diet guidelines) do it anyways! However, listen to your body, if you have allergies and sensitives then do yourself a favour and avoid those items, because trust me, I’m sure you body has enough to deal with already.

By keeping it simple, I mean that you don’t have to blend every single superfood in your cupboard into each meal! Keep your ingredients and meals simple, by focusing on quality of each. Also coming back to the basics of chewing your food, and taking a moment to sit-down and actually enjoy a meal does wonders!

Walk us through what a typical day looks like for you.

Each day throws a little bit something different at us, so my “typical” day is always changing and evolving. I have been really into oil pulling lately, so when I wake up thats normally the first thing that I do. I treat this as my morning meditation also because you are working on swishing the oil around in your mouth (and therefore can’t really talk to anyone) and it just gives me a chance to organize priorities for the day and look at my to-do list. After this, I have a glass of water and lately have been adding a greens powder to it which as it’s a great to add in some greens to your day and also the nutrients are able to be absorbed very quickly and easily because your stomach is usually pretty empty at this point. Afterwards, I usually sit-down at my laptop and sip on some sort of “bulletproof” concoction which has recently been matcha lattes with coconut milk, MCT oil and a dash of stevia. I then answer some emails, and/or usually have a call with my business partner Kylie and we discuss whatever is on our list of to-do’s that day, along with making sure the posts and articles are all set for the day and published. I usually spend my lunchtime’s teaching a yoga class for one of my corporate yoga clients downtown. Lunch is usually a bowl thrown together with a type of fish and vegetable (I usually mix it up between roasted veggies, mixed greens, kale, etc.) Afternoons are spent doing meetings, or working on other Wellspace Co. tasks such as recipe development, photoshoots, and new content creation. Late afternoon I always try to do some of my own exercise and lately have been into @club.row or going for a bike ride or walk outside now that the weather is getting nice! Evenings I love cooking at home and inviting friends over to join me, and my current fave. recipes are spaghetti squash pad thai and jackfruit tacos (both of which are up on our blog) I’m also pretty obsessed with listening to podcasts while I'm walking places or cooking and currently enjoying @ultimatehealthpodcast and another one called “How I Built This” by NPR (if you haven’t gotten into podcasts yet, well, you should and you should definitely check these out!) I try not to be doing work after 9pm, but I find that's when I’m the most creative so I usually get caught up working on designs for Wellspace Co. such as proposals, editing the photos, or content for the site. While doing this I’m usually nibbling on a chocolate treat of some sort (either homemade or an organic fair trade brand) Before bed, I like to listen to some positive affirmations by Louise Hay or Ambram Hicks to get my mind in a nice restful state and ready to end the day and ready for another.

What are some of your go-to foods/snacks for busy days?

I always try to prepare ahead, and have some meals made from the night before that I am able to pack on the go with me. However, if I’m really in a rush and don’t have time to prepare anything, one of my go-to’s is Garden of Life protein powder (vanilla or chocolate) and I just shake that in a bottle while on the go. The new nut butter clif bars are also amazing, and I enjoy the bars by Vega also.

Essentials at home that I always try to have around is "Naked Coconuts" soy alternative sauce (amazing for drizzling over a salad or bowl, or even preparing some meat with) Peanut or Almond butter is like a staple for me, and I’m currently really loving “Spread the Love” nut butters. I love to have a kombucha as an afternoon pick me up, or if I know I have a lot of work or studying to do, I use it as a reward to myself. I pretty much always have something chocolatey in the house such as a homemade snack with cacao, fat bombs or balls, or anything organic and fair-trade.

What has been one of your biggest struggles?

One of my biggest struggles has actually turned out to be one of my biggest and best teachers. I have struggled with psoriasis (very itchy, and flaky patches of skin) since I about 13 years old. About 3 years back it was at its worst ever in my life. My legs and arms were severely inflamed with psoriasis and I was self-conscious wearing shorts or and short sleeved shorts, not to mention the unbearable constant itching of my skin. I literally tried everything, and would wrap my arms and legs in saran wrap when I slept to keep whatever ointment or cream I was using at that point from rubbing off during the night. I was beyond desperate and searched tirelessly for resources, solutions and even support. Unfortunately there wasn’t much useful information on the internet as everything was so conflicting, and you can barely find a real explanation for the cause of psoriasis. I found some sources that suggested diet could greatly impact your skin, and I started trying some of these concepts out. Unfortunately with a skin condition that was as severe as mine, it takes a long time to see any type of result, but the itching started to subside so I saw hope with this approach. I became obsessed with researching nutrition and skin, and was never really satisfied with the information I was finding on the internet and that’s kind of when I decided to enroll in Holistic Nutrition at IHN in Vancouver. I promised the universe that if I could find a way to heal my skin, I would make it my mission to help others do the same, and hence, eventually, that’s how Wellspace Co. was born. As I said in the beginning, my skin ended up being a teacher that led me to find something I am so passionate about, and inspired me to start a business based on, to offer support, guidance tips and advice to others on their heath journey, whatever they may be struggling with.

What is the best advice you have been given?

I truly believe in the power of positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. Whatever energies and thoughts you are putting out into the universe, are what will to come back to you. So always think and stay positive, and radiate love and everything else positive you want in your life!

Check out her blog here: Well Daily

Instagram: @welldaily