• Mia Harris

Effects of Refined Sugar On The Body

Sugar cravings are one of the most common complaints I hear as a practitioner and I totally get it. I used to be completely addicted to sugar. Frozen yogourt was my idea of the perfect dinner. But after leaning about some of the effects refined sugar has on the body, I have definitely changed my habits for the good. Read below to find out which sugars are better than others.

Refined white sugar is among the worst for our bodies. It is stripped of its vitamins and minerals and can actually pull these nutrients from our system in order for it to be absorbed causing us to feel fatigued and craving even more sweets. Some of the effects of refined sugar on the body include over burdening the liver, weight gain, digestive issues such as candida overgrowth and adrenal fatigue...just to name a few.

So which sugars are the best to include in your diet? Fruit such as apples, pears and berries are the lowest on the glycemic index and will have the least effect on your blood sugar level. Honey is a good alternative as it is full of enzymes, anti microbial and is full of nutrients to nourish your digestive tract. Other sugar substitutes include brown rice syrup, coconut palm sugar and maple syrup. Each of these alternative still have their naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.

I typically don't recommend people substituting with artificial sugars. These can effect the good bacteria in our gut and cause bloating and discomfort. Fake sugars can also have cause spikes in our blood sugar levels and actually increase cravings. I would actually rather clients eat white table sugar rather than aspartame or sucralose.

In the end, sugar is still sugar, no matter where it comes from so always keep your intake to an minimum. To reduce to effects of refined sugar on the body, opt to eat more whole foods, good fats and proteins to keep your blood sugar levels stable and cravings at bay. It can be a tough thing to avoid but I promise you'll feel so much better for it!

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- M xo