Los Angeles Wellness Guide

Los Angeles is like the mecca of all things health and wellness. There is basically a health food cafe on every corner, trendy fitness classes are all the rage, and athleisure is completely acceptable at all times.

I used to live right downtown Los Angeles and it was busy and loud and exciting. One of the things I love about big cities is all the different types of people you get to meet. The entrepreneur spirit is high, the energy is amazing and there is always something going on. I find it very inspiring.

Here are some of my favourite healthy cafes in Los Angeles:

Cafe Gratitude: This one is pretty much a given and one of the most instagrammed places in Los Angeles. This restaurant has some of the best vegan food, coffees, smoothies and healthy treats. They have a grab and go section or it's good to go for brunch with your girlfriends. I almost always got their macrobiotic bowl filled with sprouted quinoa and brown rice, butternut squash puree and tons of veggies. Their desserts were to die for (the tiramisu was my fav!). They also opened up a really nice one located in Beverly Hills which I have yet to visit!

M Cafe: I went to the M Cafe on Melrose Avenue and in Beverly Hills and they were both excellent. Their food is based on the Macrobiotic diet which is primarily plant based and includes a lot of whole grains, beans and veggies. Again, I got the macrobowl (you might see a pattern here!) with sprouted beans, massaged kale, sprouts, seaweed and a yummy ginger dressing. I also got their sushi bowl as well. They have really good lattes and juice too!

Urth Caffe: When you first walk into Urth Cafe you are greeted with a plethora of delicious desserts which are almost impossible to say no to. This place caters to health foodies and those who who aren't health nuts. They have healthy fair like salads and my favourite brown rice sushi but they also pizza, sandwiches and a really good brunch menu! Life is about balance right?

Malibu Farms: Probably one of the most scenic restaurant locations. Right on a pier in Malibu overlooking the ocean. They have a farm to table type of menu and tons of healthy options. Perfect for brunch with the girls or a date. I got the salmon and kale caesar salad and a zucchini pizza that was delish.

Erewhon Market: Basically heaven on earth for any health foodie. This place is perfect to hit up for lunch with their hot food bar filled with delicious salads and healthy protein options, roasted veg and dishes like mashed cauliflower. They have tons of protein bars, healthy baked goods and chocolate. They also have smoothies, juices and coffees. I may or may not have spent $11 on a mushroom coffee. But when in Rome...

Falabar: This is my favourite little place in Abbott Kinney for a quick lunch after the beach. It's a vegetarian place with the best falafels. You can get them over a salad or in a burger. Honestly once of the best things I've eaten. They you can head across the road and get ice cream from Salt & Straw or next door for donuts from Bluestar. Just saying...

Juice and Coffee Shops:

Kreation Juice: These juice shops are all over the place in Los Angeles and are a quick and easy place to grab a healthy treat, smoothie or juice on the run. I liked the one on Abbott Kinney the best! I always got a juice and vegan pudding to go for a snack. They also have cookies and little energy balls you can get as well.

Coffee: LA has some of the best coffee shops. I loved Blue Bottle, Alfred or Dinosaur Cafe in Silver Lake. The coffee is so smooth in all these places and the almond lattes are the best!

Honey Hi: I stayed in Echo Park last summer in a really funky little apartment. This was one of my favourite places for lunch. They had the most delicious bowls and chocolate chip cookies! They also had really yummy sprouted bread to take home! I highly recommend this area to visit. You can also check out Silver Lake as well which is pretty close to Sunset Boulevard.

Favourite Places to Go Out:

The Perch: This is one of my absolute favourite places downtown LA. It's a roof top bar with good wine and the best music. I've never eaten there but you cannot get a better location. There are so many fun roof top bars all over Los Angeles. One of the benefits of sunny weather all year long.

Pump: I went to Vanderpump's (from the Real Housewives of Orange County) restaurant for dinner one night in West Hollywodd and it was so fun! It kind of feels like you are in a fairy tale with a big olive tree in the middle and twinkle lights all over. All the waiters and waitresses are dressed in pink. I had pistachio crusted salmon and brussle sprouts. So yum! Definitely a fun place to get dressed up and go out to with your girlfriends.

Where to Workout

I didn't actually go to a lot of the trendy fitness boutiques when I was there. I had a gym at my apartment that was empty most of the time. I also did a lot of outdoor activities and did lots of running and park workouts.

Here are a few of my fav spots:

Beverly Hills Equinox: I got lucky and one of my friends had some guest passes to the Equinox in Beverly Hills. Probably one of the nicest gyms I have ever been to! They have a sauna and stead room, state of the art equipment and some of the best fitness classes. Not to mention the people watching there is pretty good. I may have seen a member of N'Sync.

SoulCyle: I went for a class with the lovely Lindsey Simcik (check out the healthy q and a I did with her here). I don't think I ever sweat so much in my life! I'm not sure there is a better place to start your day than SoulCycle. It's inspiring, motivating and one of the best workouts. They opened one in Vancouver in Yaletown so if you are ever there you can check it out too!

The Santa Monica Stairs: Stair running is probably one of the best workouts. I saw some of the most fit people I have ever seen running these stairs. This is a popular place for athletes, models and LA fitness junkies to hangout. You might even get lucky and see a celebrity! The view is also pretty awesome.

Culver City Stairs: These stairs look pretty daunting when you first look at them but I promise the view is so worth it! This is right in the middle of Culver City and all you need is a couple sets of these guys and you are good to go!

I cannot wait to go back soon and try out some different places that maybe aren't so mainstream. What are some of your places to visit when you're in LA? I would love to know!