Mindful Eating Over the Holidays

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

The holidays are among us. Parties, get togethers, drinks after work, chocolates from clients… we are surrounded by indulgences this season. I want to get one thing straight here...indulgences are totally okay and are in fact a part of a balanced, healthy life!

I thrive off of get togethers with friends and having a few glasses of wine. I love going out for pizza on the weekends and I don’t stress about what I’m going to eat at a holiday party.

I wanted the focus this holiday season to be on mindful eating. If you have been following me for awhile, you know how I feel about dieting and following an all or nothing approach to eating and nutrition. In order to practice mindful eating, we need to first understand exactly what it is.

Mindful eating is making food choices in the present moment, with a set intention and a lacking of judgement. It’s an acknowledgement of your cravings, wants and physiological needs. In a nut shell, mindful eating is trusting your body and giving it exactly what it needs, and some days that just might mean giving in to some chocolate, french fries or grandma's famous Christmas cake.

Here are my top mindful eating tips you can start incorporating this holiday season:

  • First and foremost, release any guilt associated with food choices. If you decide to eat a cookie, eat it and move on with it.

  • Avoid labelling foods as good or bad.

  • Throw out the food rules you have accumulated over the years such as not eating before bed or only eating fruit in the morning. There are no rules. You get to make your own!

  • Try to view food as nourishment. How are you going to feel after eating? Will that food make you feel bloated or sick? Will you feel satisfied after eating it?

  • Tune in when you are eating. Turn off distractions like your phone or TV. Sit down with your plate and take in all the sensations.

  • Instead of taking things away from your diet, start thinking about what you can add to your plate instead. Can you add in more veggies to your plate?

  • Incorporate some of my affirmations in my new workbook (linked below) to help release guilt and trust your body.

Over the holidays I will be hosting the 12 days of mindfulness all around establishing a healthy relationship with food and your body, Download my FREE workbook, The 7 Step Mind-Body-Food Reset and join me for a mindful holiday season.

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