• Mia Harris

Problems With Sitting Too Long

I used to work at a bank a couple of years ago and started having problems with sitting too long. I was sitting down at a desk for the majority of the day and I hated it. My energy levels were so low and most days I had to reach for an espresso or sweet treat mid afternoon for a pick me up. The average north American sits for 11-12 hours per day1 Sitting for too long can cause a decrease in energy, slow your metabolism, affect your posture (this was a big one for me!!), can cause issues with digestion as well as increase the risk of diabetes and obesity.

When I was in LA, one of the places I was working from had a stand up desk from a company called Movi Workspace. I absolutely adored it! I felt so much more alert and way more productive during the day. Our bodies were not designed to sit down all day, we are meant to move around.

If a stand up desk is not an option for you, try setting an alarm each hour and get up and walk around the office or do a quick stretch. Get outside for a brisk walk at lunch. This will help increase circulation and get your metabolism going much better than that extra cup of coffee!

I love the desks from Movi Workspace. They are made from sustainable bamboo and you can put it right onto your desk at home!

If you're having problems with sitting too long, I recommend that you can check them out here: https://www.moviworkspace.com/index.php