Summertime Meals: What a Nutritionist Eats in a Day

When the seasons change, our bodies naturally start to crave certain foods. The summer months have me craving tons of fruit and fresh light salads. It's too hot to cook anyways!

Here is what a typical summers day looks like for me:

Before breakfast: I always have at least 500 mL of water before anything else. Sometimes I have warm water with lemon. The coffee! I've tried to drink tea many times but I just love coffee. I usually have a cup or two with some coconut cream.

Breakfast: I love a big cooling smoothie, especially if I've gone for a workout or a run. My favourite combo right now is coconut water, frozen banana, frozen avocado, a little bit of aloe vera juice (so good for gut health!) and a scoop of plant based protein. I also like overnight oatmeal, especially if I am on the go as they are so simple to make and keep you full. Check out my go-to recipe here.

Lunch: I love a big, light salad with some protein and healthy fat for lunch. This time of year is perfect for grabbing fresh produce from your famers market to make salads with. My favourite salad right now is spinach, pea shoots, cucumber, onion and red pepper with avocado and a protein like chicken or fish. I like to make my own dressings with olive oil and balsamic and I usually throw a scoop of hummus on there too!

Snacks: Every Sunday or Monday I like to whip up a batch of protein balls. My favourite ones at the moment are my brownie protein bites! I also love rice crackers with hummus or will sometimes have a pear with lots of cinnamon and almond butter.

Dinner: Nothing is better than fresh salmon, especially if you are where I am from on the island! I love bbqing it or throwing it on a pan and baking it with tons of veggies like broccoli or asparagus and sweet potatoes or quinoa for some healthy carbs.

Dessert: I have a massive sweet tooth so I almost always have something sweet to end the night. I love having a healthy hot chocolate which reminds me of camping when I was a kid! I also like to make tea and usually have a few pieces of dark chocolate.

What are you favourite summertime foods?


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