Dishing It Up: Sara Panton, Vitruvi

June 26, 2017


Sara and her brother Sean Panton are the masterminds behind the the 'modern essential oil' company VITRUVI. She has a passion for health, wellness and empowering women.  Her work as been featured in Vogue, Forbes, Harpers Bazaar, Fast Company, Monocle, DETAILS magazine, Fashion Magazine, Brit+Co, Refinery29 and Coveteur to name a few. Have a read to see what a day in the life looks like for her and some of her philosophies around work and health! 


How did you get into the health and wellness community?


I was always fascinated by the health practices and rituals of other countries and cultures.  My undergraduate degree was in Global Health Sciences and during that time I worked for the organization that focused on helping implement health centres, clean water, schools and alternative income projects for women. Working with them allowed me to travel the world and learn about practices in Kenya, India, and Morocco -- After my undergraduate degree at time at the organization I was accepted to in medical school studying preventative medicine and during that time I became interested in the cranial nerve responsible for scent (the olfactory nerve) and I loved the benefits that scent had on the brain and body.  Vitruvi then became my passion project and I loved getting to share the traditional practices and uses of essential oils from around the world and pair them with a modern approach to blending and using essential oils in our everyday lives. 



What inspires you?


Women.  Being able to make products for women that allow them to take care of themselves is really a dream. It's so incredible to know that the products we work so hard to create have a positive influence in women's days and my hope is that vitruvi products give them a little more energy, or balance, or grounding so they can take on the world. 


What is your food philosophy?


Eat as much green as possible :) Eat whole foods, grains, and plants and drink a ton of water (and espresso)...



Walk us through what a typical day looks like for you:


6am: Wake up and get a jump on the day, I do email right away which I know isn't healthy but I like to get all the major things that have build up over the evening dealt with or delegated before I get to the office and it lets me get on with the day. 

7am: I workout with my best friend for 30 minutes, she comes to the gym in my building and we do a short intense circuit. It's fun because it means I get to see her everyday and it's become a good ritual for us. 

7:45am: I make a Vega smoothie (I've had the same thing for breakfast for over 4 years 

8am: Get to the office, turn all our office diffusers on with something fresh and uplifting like peppermint or lemon. 

9am: The team arrives and we have a healthy breakfast together, people are usually making granola and almond milk with berries or bananas and coffee which we have delivered to the office. 

9-6pm: At the office which usually involves a lot of time at my desk, and other team members desks collaborating on things, meetings and phone calls. I eat lunch at my desk and it's usually a salad, with hummus and a cappuccino. 

7pm: I take my dog to the beach and she runs around for a while 

8pm: I make dinner and watch something a documentary or read something I'm loving 

9pm: I am usually working again followed by a eucalyptus steam and sweet orange foot soak :) 

11pm: I put my black diffuser on beside my bed with Eucalyptus and Lavender and go to sleep 


What are some of your go-to foods/snacks for busy days?


Vega Vanilla Protein Powder for the mornings

I always have rice chips and organic hummus as a snack 

Dark chocolate is a food group for me :) 80% always or Raw Vegan Chocolate from Zimt Chocolate 

Kale Salad, I try to pack a big salad and I will put some wholegrain quinoa pasta on top for a little more substance and a sprinkle of nutritional yeast for that yummy cheesy flavour and energy. 


What has been one of your biggest struggles? 


I would say making sure to explore other avenues of my life beyond my job and company. When you're really passionate about your projects and something you have made a lot of sacrifices and risks to grow it's easy to let it consume your brain because I just love vitruvi and it's really my life.  I make an effort to explore new projects and hobbies every month whether it be photography, ceramics making or cool meditation practices -- It's important to stay curious about the world. 

What advice do you have for those who are starting out on their health journey and wanting to incorporate a more plant based diet?


Start small, try one day a week, and some key meals and snacks you love. You'll be surprised how easy it is to then go two days and then 3 days a week eating plant based :) And then the magic happens and you start to feel amazing :) 




You can check out Vitruvi products here:

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