Healthy and Easy Snack Recipes

July 23, 2017



Clients ask me all the time for healthy and easy snack recipes. Having a mid morning or mid afternoon snack (or both!) are great ideas to keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day. Chose something that has protein and fat in it to tide you over until you next meal. This will also help you to avoid overeating at dinner or lunch. Here are a few ideas for you and I have  also added a few post meal treats if you like something sweet after your meals like I do! 


15 Healthy and Easy Snack Recipes: 


  1.  Blood sugar balancing protein shake: 1 scoop plant based protein, 1 cup unsweetened nut milk of choice, cinnamon, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 tsp almond butter and ice. So good a couple hours before dinner to keep craving and appetite in check or even for breakfast or post workout shake. 

  2. Handful (1/4 cup) of raw nuts and seeds (soak in water for better digestion and nutrient absorption)

  3. 1-2 Dates filled with almond butter/raw almonds/raw seeds.

  4. Banana icecream- blend frozen banana with a couple tablespoons of nut milk, cinnamon and organic peanut butter. Top with cacao nibs or mixed nuts. So good if you are craving ice cream!

  5. Cut up Veggies or gluten free rice crackers with hummus- make your own or try a store bought one made with olive oil instead of canola. 

  6. 1 boiled egg with low sugar fruit such as berries, pears or apple.

  7. Apple or pear slices sprinkled with cinnamon (balances blood sugar) with 1 tbsp almond butter or 1 oz. organic cheese

  8. Homemade protein bars or  energy balls made with plant based protein powder, nut butter, sweeteners such as maple syrup or honey. 

  9. Sweet treat: 1/2 banana with 2 tbsp Greek or coconut yogurt, cinnamon  + tbsp of cacao nibs or dark chocolate

  10. ½ cup cottage cheese with 1 tsp. cinnamon, 1 tsp raw honey and sprinkled with a raw trail mix.

  11. Post dinner for sugar cravings: turmeric mylk latte (my absolute favourite!)

  12. 2-3 squares of dark chocolate with a bit of almond or coconut butter (seriously amazing) for those post meal sugar cravings! 

  13. Healthy hot chocolate

  14. Baked sweet potato fries dipped in 1-2 tbs tahini

  15. 1 piece gluten free or sprouted grain toast with 1/4 to half an avocado smashed. Squeeze of lemon juice on top!

Send me a note after you try some of these healthy and easy snack recipes and let me know what you think!


Yours in Health,



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