What to Eat if You Crave Sugar

July 31, 2017


I used to have a full on sugar addiction. I needed to find out what to eat if you crave sugar. Without fail, after lunch and dinner I would get the most intense cravings for sweets. I almost always reached for dessert and would be perfectly happy eating frozen yogurt for dinner.


Over the years, and of course learning about nutrition and balancing blood sugar, I have come up with a few tips to help combat those pesky cravings.


10 Rules on What to Eat if You Crave Sugar:


  1. My number one rule that I tell my clients is to always have a healthy fat, protein and complex carb at eat meal. This is so so important, especially incorporating more fats. This will help keep your blood sugar levels more stable and will keep you feeling fuller, longer.

  2. Eat at regular intervals throughout the day and don’t let yourself get too hungry.

  3. To combat post lunch or dinner cravings I found that having a healthy carb like sweet potato into your meal helped immensely. I know low carb is all the rage but adding in some good carbs can help. I also love adding a sliced apple or pear or even berries to salads give it a nice hit of sweetness as well.

  4. Indulge moderately. After dinner I love a few pieces of dark chocolate and a cup of chai tea or my turmeric elixir with some stevia and almond milk. Totally satisfies my cravings.

  5. Add cinnamon to everything. Seriously. Sprinkle on oats, yogurt, in smoothies and coffee and on top of fruit. Cinnamon is excellent for balancing blood sugar levels.

  6. Have a protein rich snack in the afternoon and avoid eating fruit after 3 pm.

  7. Try not to overdo it with the caffeine. Caffeine increases cortisol levels (aka the stress hormone) and causes blood sugar levels to increase. Limit to one cup in the morning with food and try to avoid it in the afternoon.

  8. Other things to consider: Take a little bit deeper look into other areas that could be out of balance. Digestive issues such as candida can contribute to sugar cravings as sugar feeds the bad bacteria. Imbalances in the adrenal glands and the thyroid can also contribute to blood sugar instability as well as high stress levels. 

  9. Nutrients to consider: vitamin b- complex, chromium, magnesium, zinc, and probiotics are all great supplements to include in your diet to help with sugar cravings. Chat with a practitioner before starting any new supplementation! 

  10. Last but not least: make healthy versions of your favourite treats! I love making a healthy brownies with protein and good fats for a sweet treat in the afternoon. 


If you have any other questions on what to eat if you crave sugar, don't hesitate to contact me :)





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