Dishing It Up with Lindsey Simcik: Almost 30 Podcast Host, Soulcyle Instructor, Fitness Model and Actress

September 25, 2017

 I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady a couple of months ago and went to one of her SoulCycle classes. I left the class inspired to say the least! We chatted over coffee afterwards about our philosophy around food, being busy entrepreneurs and following our dreams. Keep reading to see how Lindsey balances her busy lifestyle,  keeps healthy and has fun at the same time!



Share a little bit with us. Who are you and what do you do?


Oh hi!  I’m Lindsey Simcik, originally from the east coast.  I am an actress, podcast host, and a Soulcycle instructor.   SoulCycle moved me out to LA almost three years ago and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made.  While I’ve always known what I’m passionate about and what brings me joy career-wise, I’ve found my flow out here on the west coast.  




 How did you get into the health and wellness community?


I’ve always been very active, playing tennis and soccer, and dancing from a very young age.  When I lived in New York City, I became a rider at SoulCycle.  I fell in love withwhat they did in that room and how I felt as a result.  A few of the OG instructors approached me about auditioning and I was resistant at first because I “didn’t have time”.  I decided to squash my excuses and audition because...WHY NOT?  I got into the program, and after ten weeks of intense training I was teaching in and around New York City!  Three months later, they asked me to move to LA to open Newport Beach and teach in LA!  LA is brimming with talented, kind, inspiring fitness professionals who appreciate the value of helping one another and supporting each other as we grow our brands and businesses.  





What inspires you?


My friend Orly Shani once told me that SHE inspires her.  That has stuck with me and shifted my perspective.  I inspire me.  Even when sh*t gets real and I’m on the edge of giving up on something, I can always find my way forward.  It might be a slow, challenging process.  The fact that I’ve been able to make a few things out of nothing, that I’ve been able to move across the country and start a new life….it all inspires me.  Sounds a little like ego.  But it’s not.  It is a necessary part of the journey to say “HEY, YOU’RE DOING GREAT.  KEEP GOING”.  Progress is what I’m after.  I have big, BIG goals...But if I’m not having fun, cracking up, and giving myself big ol’ high fives along the way then what’s the point?


What is your food philosophy?


I am 90% plant-based.  I do eat eggs (local, cage free, hormone free) and wild caught fish.   Honestly, my energy is higher, my skin is clearer, my brain function is quick and clear, and my digestion is no longer a problem.


Walk us through what a typical day looks like for you (Food, exercise, work/life)



-Combination of morning rituals--meditation, journaling, stretching.

-Healthy breakfast or smoothie (I make sure my morning meal has fats in it to keep me satiated until lunch!

-I will either teach SoulCycle or get my own workout in (yoga, SAMO stairs, boxing)



-I usually carve out time to work on my podcast Almost 30, that I host with Krista Williams.  

-Auditions, fittings

-Lunch is usually a salad or a wrap in a WRAWP!  I love taking noodled vegetables, avocado, and Primal Kitchen mayo or dressing and wrapping it up!  



-I love to fit in a restorative yoga class in the afternoon before I teach my last class of the day.

-I teach a Soulcycle class

-I love to cook, so I’ll usually pop by the grocery store and get exactly what I need for dinner.

-One of my favorite dinners is a hodge podge bowl.  SAY WHAT!?  Japanese sweet potato, sauteed kale, zucchini, fried egg, avocado, sliced almonds, primal kitchen ranch dressing….like NO RULES!




What are some of your go-to foods/snacks for busy days?


Primal Kitchen Collagen bars

Apple/Almond butter

Mary’s Gone Crackers EVERYTHING Super Seed with Cashew Cheese spread


What advice do you have for those who are new on their wellness journey?


Start small.  Those seemingly small choices will inspire bigger ones.  Make a conscious effort to slow down so you can tune in to how you are feeling.  


You can find Lindsey here:

Almost 30 Podcast:


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