Eating for Your Goals

November 14, 2017


I hear this all the time "I'm working out a ton and not seeing the results I want". I get it. I was there too. I was working out 5-6 days per week and definitely not getting the defined toned look that I wanted. I tracked my macronutrients (fat, carbs and protein) for a long term and ended up learning a ton about my body and how food was used as fuel.


As a Holistic Nutritionist, I definitely believe in listening to your body and focusing on nourishing your cells by eating as many micronutrients as possible but learning about caloric intake and macronutrients can be equally important. If you are training for something in particular such as a marathon, fitness competition, or are looking to gain or lose weight, it can be important to know the numbers.


Counting calories can be a slippery slope, especially if you are prone to disordered eating habits (ie. feel guilty around food, binge/restrict, eating disorders). Counting your calories or macronutrients may not be appropriate for you if you have a history with this and can actually lead to disorders. 


For me, learning about caloric intake and macro breakdown made all the difference in my physique and training. I learned a ton about what worked for my body best and what made me feel good. While I was training for a half marathon I learned I was under eating and definitely not getting in enough protein. No wonder I felt famished all the time and had massive sugar cravings.


Counting calories is definitely not something you want to be doing long term and is not a sustainable way of living. I only suggest it to clients to get an idea of where they are at and use it more as a learning tool. My goal with any client is to teach them a way of eating that is maintainable long term. 


So, do your research. Reach out to a professional and see what works for you. Remember that everyone is different and what may work for one person may not work for another. BSo be patient and ask for help if needed!


As always I am here for questions if you need it!



Xo Mia

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