Surviving the Holidays

December 21, 2017


The silly season is among us! Christmas can be so hard to maintain healthy eating or find balance. So many go over board and its easy to do with treats at the office and christmas parties to attend to. I was at a party the other night and definitely indulged a little too much. Here are a couple of tips to stay on track during the holiday season:


1. Eat a protein rich snack before heading to a party and don't arrive hungry. A good quality protein bar or shake with some berries, apple and almond butter or hummus and veggies are all good options. When you hit the appy table, always use a plate. Sit down with your food and avoid lingering around the table taking bites here and there. Putting your food on a plate let's you monitor what you're eating and will make you feel more satisfied.


2. If you've indulged too much, try popping a digestive enzyme. This can help reduce bloat and help you body process some of the food you have eaten better. Make sure to balance out the rest of your meals for the day with good quality proteins, healthy fats and lots of greens. Warm lemon water is an excellent way to detox  and debloat as well as ginger or peppermint tea.


3. Maintain your exercise regime during the holidays. This one can be easy to blow off especially if you are travelling. Getting out for a walk, run or hike outdoors is a good way to get some fresh air, get your digestive system going and keep up your workouts. Try a new workout class with a friend to keep you feeling motivated.  


4. Make better decisions. Choose healthier cocktails such has red wine, or gin or vodka mixed with soda water and lime. Make sure you are drinking water in between as well. Avoid 'saving' your calories or fasting before Christmas parties or Christmas dinner. This leads to binging, over eating and disordered habits. Fill your plate with half veggies, protein and leave some wiggle room for the things you really want. Take a moment before getting seconds and have a sip of water or tea in between. 


5. Indulge and lose the guilt. Have your favourite treat and enjoy a glass of wine with your family. The holidays shouldn't be a pass to eat whatever you want because thats the thing to do. Be mindful, have a treat or two and leave it at that. Food will always be there and you'll feel so much better when you feel in control.  Get back on track after your indulgence the next day with a workout and a healthy breakfast. If you over indulged, so what? Learn from it and make better choices next time. 



Enjoy yourself this holiday season! Have fun with your family and friends and take some time for yourself to slow down and reset for the new year.


Happy holidays!


Xo Mia 




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