New Health Trends for 2018

January 8, 2018

I have lived in probably two of the most health conscious cities (Los Angeles and Vancouver) and have seen all the health and wellness trends over the last year. Adaptogenic teas, bulletproof coffee, fat bombs, spin classes, health podcasts... just to name a few. New products and new information is always coming out.


Here are some of the new health trends on the horizon for 2018:


Gut Health


While this may not be so new, more and more research is coming out about how our gut effects so many things in our bodies. It is considered our second brain and up to 90% of serotonin is made in the gut. This is a subject I am passionate about and focus on with all clients. If you aren't looking after your gut health, you are not able to absorb foods properly and it can lead to allergies and inflammation. 

Probiotics are going to be found in not only fermented foods but added to things like juices and chocolate. 


Whole Foods Over Super Foods


2017 seemed to be the year of superfoods and adaptogens. While these foods are great for you, they may not be accessible or affordable to everyone. You can get all the nutrients you need from whole foods. So a big focus will be on diets such as Paleo and Whole 30.




CBD oil has been popping up in everything from gummy bears and cookies to superfood drinks. CBD oil is derived from cannabis and is said to help reduce anxiety and depression and help those with illnesses such as cancer. I have seen this in some of the most popular health food cafes down in LA. 




The art of slowing down to do more is becoming a more popular trend along with self love and body confidence.  You’ve heard it “the grind never stops”. It’s almost trendy to show how hard you are working towards your goals.  There has been a huge increase in meditation and spirituality over the last year. There are many apps now that can help you decompress and calm the mind. Setting intentions and journaling has also been popular along with manifesting and visualization.


Social Media Detoxes


I am increasingly hearing more and more that people are wanting to disconnect from social media. It is so easy to get caught up in the scrolling, the comparing, the constant checking of who is looking and liking your posts. I've been there and it gets exhausting.  I held a stress management workshop and this was one of the topics that came up. The question was "We all know its bad for us to constantly be connected but how do you shut off from it?". A couple of tips I have learned over the years: turning your social media by a certain time each night and deleting the app from your phone each day. Imagine what you could do with the time spent not mindlessly scrolling through Instagram.


What are some new health trends your would like to see for 2018? I want to know!


Xx Mia 


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