Dishing It Up With Daniela Dib: Soul Cycle Instructor and Model

January 24, 2018

Share a little bit with us. Who are you and what do you do? 

Hey guys! My name is Daniela Dib, and I am a SoulCycle instructor, as well as Professional model signed with Wilhelmina. I was born in Vancouver B.C, but moved to Toronto at the age of 11 to attend the National Ballet School of Canada. After many years there, I started my professional dance career between Canada and the States. I lived in New York City as well as Los Angeles, and transitioned from ballet into commercial style dance. Between music videos, tours, and film and television, I was lucky enough to live in the states and work as a dancer. 

After some years, I found myself wanting to expand my career. I decided to get my Yoga certification, and fell in love with being an instructor. From there, as many great things do, SoulCycle found its way into my life to me. My dance agents approached me about an opportunity to try a class, and although I was very hesitant I gave it a shot. After my first ride, I was hooked. After a gruelling two rounds of training, I finally passed and became and instructor in New York City. I then relocated back to Los Angeles, knowing that in 2017 I would be coming back to Vancouver to open the first SoulCycle! 

How did you get into the health and wellness community?

Since a young age, I have been using my body as an instrument of expression. Dance requires you to be in top physical shape, especially since you demand so much of your body. My transfer into yoga was a natural progression of wanting to stay active and lean, while also stretching and toning muscles at the same time. Upon becoming a full time SoulCycle instructor, I found myself really diving into all components of wellness. SoulCycle is such a community driven experience, and it creates bonds and life changes that extent well beyond the realms of the studio. 

What inspires you?

I am inspired by my riders! There are so many beautiful people who walk into the SoulCycle room, who come from of all walks of life. I know riders who have overcome massive trauma by using SoulCycle to heal. Riders who have gone through major physical or mental shifts. And I am incredibly inspired by my mother! She is someone who, prior to SoulCycle, had not worked out in years. After taking my class in the summer of last year, she completely transformed her life. From what she eats, to how she speaks about herself, I’ve seen such beautiful growth. Not only does she now spin and attend Orange Theory up to 5 times a week, she feels physically and mentally stronger then ever! She’s such a rockstar. 


What is your food philosophy?

I am a mostly vegan eater! I have not eaten meat in years, and my philosophy is to be kind to animals. But I am not a carb or calorie counter, I just eat food to feel good and strong. I’m learning how to cook with my boyfriend this year which has been fun for us! 

Walk us through what a typical day looks like for you...

Typically, I wake up at either 5 or 6 am. I do on average 3 workouts per day (between teaching and taking classes). My trainer Jana Finkbiner and I do killer workout sessions together, and I make time for my yoga practice. I also have a blog that I work on (, as well as continue to audition and do dance jobs and print modelling jobs. I spend a LOT of time researching and downloading music to make playlist for my class (it takes me HOURS to create each playlist and I never use the same one twice). My boyfriend and I cook on Wednesday nights, and we do fun dates on Sundays! 

 What are some of your go-to foods/snacks for busy days?

I love Grind bars, as well as Vega Snack Bars for between workouts. 

What has been one of your biggest struggles? 

One of my biggest struggles was becoming a SoulCycle instructor! I had to go through two rounds of very intense training before I passed, and I heard a LOT of no’s and faced a lot of rejection along the way. It was ultimately one of my greatest lessons, and taught me how badly I wanted to achieve a dream. In the end, I am very grateful for all the setbacks. 

What advice do you have for those starting out in their wellness journey?

Wellness is something that does not need a special start date to begin. You do not need a new calendar year, a new job, a brand new relationship status ext to start making changes in your life. Saying “I’ll start becoming healthy when…” is a statement that will never lead to change. We have the power to begin to live our best lives at any age. So my biggest advice is to just START. Do not sit inside excuses and hope that thing will just work out. Just begin. Whether it be signing up for a new fitness class, saying yes to a new adventure, or leaving a situation that does not serve your growth. You owe it to yourself to live a life that you find fulfilling. 

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