Effects of Poor Body Image

February 3, 2018



Like  a lot of young girls, I had a terrible relationship with food. There were times Literally felt guilty after everything that I was eating, even if it was healthy. I am fully aware of the effects f poor body image including food and body obsession, low self esteem, frustration, guilt and anxiety.  I had no clue what I was doing when it came to how to treat and feed my body. I think that is what inspires lots of girl (and guys) to get into nutrition and fitness industry.


Learning to love yourself and find balance with food takes patience, practice and persistence. Things that helped me were to first learn about the body and how it functions. How is food used to fuel our body? What is a calorie? What does protein do? How do hormones work in our bodies? Which foods are the most nutrient dense? Looking at food as a fuel source helped me to not be so afraid of it. 


Second, learn what works for you. What diet can you follow that is easy to maintain and isn't too restrictive? What makes you feel light? I had to really get in tune with my body and listening to it. 


Third, do some personal development. This might be hands down the most important. Are there external factors that could be contributing to an obsession around food and body image? Does it manifest more in times of stress or around feelings of anxiety? Really take some time to address external factors that could effecting you mentally.


Last but not least, be kind to yourself. There is more to life than worrying about food. There is more to life than having the perfect body. Let go of the guilt around food. Poor body image effects many people, in all shapes and sizes and genders. You are not alone. Ask for help if you need it and take the necessary steps to help you overcome it.


Here for you as always if you have any questions <3 


Xx Mia 



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