Summertime Spritzers

May 15, 2018


All I can think about on a hot sunny day is sitting out and enjoying a bubbly beverage out on the patio. Especially if you live in Vancouver or Victoria, there is nothing better! It can be easy to get carried away with the sugary drinks like sangria and mojitos. Indulging in the right kind of beverage saves you the sugar high and the awful hangover. Try these drink options next time you go to a bbq or hit the patio!


My go-to drinks at a bar or restaurant:

Mojito sans sugar, extra lime. Sometimes I add in a little stevia if it needs it.

Scotch on the rocks with water (my grandma's favourite!)

Vodka Soda with lots of lime

Pimm's cup with sparkling water instead of ginger ale. 


At home or a bbq:

Kombucha with a bit of sparkling water and vodka.

La Croix Sparkling Water (I love the coconut one!) with vodka.

Canned beverages I am also like are the Naked or Nutrl drinks as well. They are lower in sugar and taste pretty good. 


Always make sure you load up on water in between drinks to keep you hydrated! I try to only stick with one or two drinks per night and maybe 1-2 times per month. 


Pimm's Cup




1.5 litres of sparkling water

1/2 small cucumber

1 orange

1 apple

1 cup strawberries

1 lemon

5-6 sprigs of mint

Thumb sized piece of ginger

2 oz of gin (optional)




Wash all the fruit and cucumber and slice. Add sparkling water into a large pitcher. Add it mint and peel ginger and cut into slices. Add to pitcher and stir. I like to add a couple drops of stevia in as well but you don't have to!









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